5 Stars for The Stay-Kleen Hub

We give 5 stars not just 3 to The Stay-Kleen Hub!! JKH…Thumbs up for The Stay-Kleen Hub. We recently purchased a family dwelling that had not been well-maintained or kept clean. Our realtor kindly arranged for Doug and his Stay-Kleen Hub workers to clean it. He chose well. Doug and his two workers devoted seven hours on a Sunday no less to remove layers of dirt and detritus from cupboards, drawers, shelves, appliances, windows, doors and casings, bathrooms, and even the decks on two floors. They were diligent, thorough, efficient and respectful, even removing curtain rods, valances and curtains upon request. They went above and beyond to serve us well. I recommend the Stay-Kleen Hub to anyone who seeks an excellent cleaning service. You will not be disappointed. JKH
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